TrueChroma Consulting incorporates the Birkman Method to help leaders and management teams build awareness of themselves and their employees and apply that knowledge to create effective communication strategies for the firm. 

Susan brings 10 years of experience coaching business owners, leaders and management teams on how to create and cultivate strong, unified company cultures that encourage employee retention and satisfaction and lead to sustained growth, efficiency and profitability. 

With 40-years of experience in business management across several industries including, wealth management, aerospace, wine, food services, and education, Susan is a mentor and champion for young leaders.

A resident of Sonoma County, Susan is deeply involved in her community and is an adjunct professor at Dominican University.


“Susan facilitated our Team Building Day in 2018 and introduced the Birkman profiling method with all of our team members.  Since then our self-awareness, and our abilities to effectively communicate with each other and work together has soared. It’s also been great for onboarding new team members and getting them acclimated quickly!”

Laurie P., CPA, CFP
RKL LLP and RKL Wealth Management LLC

“I was a part of a team building session that Susan facilitated. The Birkman method showed us a glimpse at how each other thinks.  For me it helped me understand everyone I work with just a little bit better.  Since then I think those of us that participated have a better understanding of each other and how we process things.  Thank you, Susan!”

Nicole P.
Arvada Eye Associates

“Susan’s interactive and energetic approach to conducting the Birkman Method, has dramatically impacted the way I maximize my personal strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. I have become a better leader and team member having worked with Susan.”

Brian C., Project Manager and Business Analyst
FCG Advisors

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