Our Process

Susan takes a unique approach to applying the Birkman Method techniques to help leaders and management teams build awareness of themselves and their employees and apply that knowledge to create effective communication strategies for the firm. 

4 Step Process:

  • Initial Consultation. Susan will introduce the Birkman Method and gather information on the firm’s goals and objectives. 
  • Questionnaire. Everyone in the firm will then take the Birkman Questionnaire; results will be reviewed and analyzed by Susan and shared with the leadership team.
  • Half-Day Retreat. Depending on the needs of the organization, Susan will meet with the leader(s) or the entire team for a half-day retreat on the Birkman results and review what they mean and how they can be used to address any issues or obstacles. 
  • Periodic Check-ins. To keep momentum moving forward, Susan will schedule periodic check-ins with leaders on how to keep using the Birkman Method to achieve the firm’s goals.